Keynotes & Workshops that Transform!

  • Our workshops are focused on the interpersonal dynamics that both aid and impede communication & creativity. 
  • You can increase productivity through Team-building, Creativity training, or Color Code Interpersonal Skills Training.
  • We work with small decision-making groups, creative teams, project management teams, arts organizations,​ sales teams, community groups, corporations, & small-businesses.

  • Effective communication is key to training and development; it is cultivated, encouraged and rewarded. 
  • Some motivational speakers give you short-term highs, but Susan will give you lasting ideas. 
  • If you're not satisfied with your organization's current level of productivity or creativity or your teams aren't thriving or communicating well, then a workshop or keynote speaker could make ​A Sharp Difference in your organization!


keynote speaking

  • Effective speakers enlighten & entertain. Laughter and knowledge combined not only make a powerful presentation, but can cause transformative change.  Why should learning and fun be mutually exclusive?  
  • Do you want to just fill a slot on your schedule or create dramatic change in your organization?
  • Where we differ from some keynote addresses is that we combine fun and substantive ideas to engage, redirect and stimulate our work. This in turn heightens awareness & retention of the material.  

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 susan sharp


"Motivation, plus!"

"Wow, just wow!" 

"Susan made a dynamic impact in our organization!"

"She lives what she speaks!"

"She is fun, thought-provoking, and an engaging speaker!" 



  • Do you need a keynote speaker that's engaging?  Or a workshop that's far from typical?  Founder Susan Sharp has spent the last 20 years in higher education and is passionate about communicating well and creatively.  
  • Susan is immersed in a variety of creative pursuits that keep her communication skills sharp.
  • Susan writes and directs plays, sings, sells her art online, redesigns spaces for greater productivity, and helps others to find and unleash their best and most creative self.  
  • Susan lives a creative life and wants to help you and your organization to think and operate more creatively. 


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