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I grew up in Eastern Iowa on the banks of the Mississippi River. That rural life irrevocably shaped my heart to love open spaces, quiet and serenity.  So for all the quiet I crave externally, there's an internal buzz happening 24/7.   I'm hyper-creative and do a myriad of things. I'm a theatre professor, speaker, author, playwright, artist, musician, podcast host, blogger, a Color Code Certified Independent Trainer and creativity expert.  I'm an idea person and I generate so many ideas I can't get them on paper fast enough!  Some make my handy-dandy notebook and some don't.  

I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication & Theatre Arts.  I also hold an Executive Certificate in Negotiations from Notre Dame.  And I'm actively learning something new every day! That rural upbringing made me infinitely curious and eager to explore.  

For not intending to be a writer, I sure do a fair amount of it. I've written five plays and four of them don't stink!  I've also written short stories, articles, numerous academic papers, and you can check my blog out at the right. My most recent work of art is a chapter in The Change --a book about self-empowerment.   My chapter is entitled You're Already A Masterpiece and is about seeing yourself as God's work of art. I'm currently working on a book exploring how ideas are combined, shaped and influenced and it's called The Amalgamation Effect. 

I speak and write about my creative life, my faith and passion for helping others to find their big ideas.  And I work in my studio creating beautiful things for sale in my Etsy shops (click the links to the left).

Molly was my constant companion for over 14 years and she is greatly missed.  I keep her picture here to remind me to be the kind of person she thought I already was; ah the unconditional love of dogs!!



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A Sharp Contrast: Vibrant Abstract Art

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