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June 15, 2017

For many its a payday today.  The first and the fifteenth of every month.  When's the last time you paid yourself for your skills, talents and expertise?   Have you ever considered its value?  You should.  What would you pay to learn from someone else the knowledge that you have?  Have you thought about the cost of your education? I'm not talking about higher education, I'm talking about the learning you've acquired on your own.  Have you thought about what someone else would pay you for your expertise?   Your self-education has value too. College isn't for everyone, but learning is.  How do you learn?  What do you know?  Take stock, make a list, determine its value.  What can you teach the world?  

June 9, 2017

Who says you can't?   Who says you can't open a successful business because you never graduated from high school? Who says you can't write a book because you've never written anything before?   Who says you can't paint?  Who says you can't cook?  Who says you can't leave your job for something more fulfilling?  Who says you can't run a marathon?  Who says you can't obtain a patent?   Who?   We give experts, systems, organizations and celebrities a whole lot of power to decide what we can and can't do.  What will YOU decide that you can do for yourself today? 

June 6, 2017

What you think of yourself is far more important that what anyone else thinks.  Self-sabatoge is greater than what anyone else can do to you. Change your thoughts, change your life.  This is easy to say, much harder to do.   Start today with sitting quietly and simply focusing on what you want. What's holding you back? Can't forgive yourself?  For every moment of self-doubt or tendancy toward lack of self-worth, you must counter it with something positive.  It is a practiced discipline. And as I write this, I am reminded I must do more of this for myself.  Chin up--today you can create yourself anew!

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