• If you Google Interpersonal Skills, you will receive nearly seven million hits!​ That is how important it has become in the workplace and in your own personal relationships.  
  • If you apply for a job, it is likely the interviewer has more than a few questions that will help him or her discover how well you work with others as well and how how your skill set in solving personality conflict.
  • The more you know yourself and understand why you do what you do, the easier it will be to achieve the competencies required to be successful at interpersonal relationships.
  • Anyone that has personal or professional relationships. Our focus at A Sharp Difference is on organizations for whom teamwork is vitally important to success.

Leadership Training Activities

  • 85% of of all job loss in a healthy economy is due to relationship problems at work rather than job performance.
  • The cost of rehiring an employee is $70,000 including hiring, training and lost productivity.
  • More and more, people believe that EI (Emotional Intelligence) is more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient).
  • 40% of first marriages and 67% of second marriages end in divorce.

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