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​​"Until you know what motivates your people, training dollars are wasted money!"

Do you spend thousands on training and keynotes but see little or no positive change in your organization? Or worse yet, everyone gets excited but it goes nowhere quickly?  Have you sat in workshops that generate tons of ideas and short-term warm fuzzies but the next day all was forgotten?  Until you know what motivates your people, training dollars are wasted money! Take time to understand how your people think and by what they are motivated.  If you entice them with money but what they really want is recognition, you won't ever inspire them.

We help you:

  • plan staff & faculty development that makes a lasting impact
  • motivate & encourage your people through keynotes & workshops that meet your objecives for growth
  • minimize and navigate negativity or friction in your organization 
  • support creative teams and projects
  • identify the barriers to communication & creativity within your organization
  • find and recognize the gifts of your people
  • inspire your organization to think bigger
  • identify the strengths of the communication & creativity within your organization
  • identify the core motivating factors in each individual 
  • implement change over time through 'assignments' and opportunities for on-going growth
  • by following up--we check in with you periodically to see if your objectives are being met
  • encourage personal growth in your people by providing a free 15 minute personal follow-up
  • make A Sharp Difference in your organization!

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