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​keynote speakers, keynote speaker, workshop presenter

I've never really liked the term motivational speaker.  It implies that you didn't come with any! But you already had the motivation or you wouldn't be in my audience! I'm the one that gets motivated by YOU and your dreams. I didn't become a top motivational speaker by gimmicks or antics. I can motivate and inspire without those.  As a workshop presenter I've helped thousands of people to reframe problems, think bigger, find their true calling, and to work more inspired.  keynote speaker

Here are some of my past keynote and workshop titles:​​

  • Living more authentically you
  • Don't Sweat the Petty Stuff & Don't Pet the Sweaty Stuff!
  • Reinventing Yourself isn't Optional
  • The First Verb
  • What YOU think about you is more important than what others think about you!
  • Lightbulb Moments and how to capture their inspiration
  • Why creativity & innovation matter!
  • Finding your True Purpose
  • God is Creative and so are you!
  • Why Inspired work is crucial to happiness
  • Barriers to communication & creativity 
  • Think Outside the Box?  I can't even find it!
  • Red, Yellow, Blue or White?   
  • You don't like change, you say? 
  • Why your employees check out
  • Friction, Factions and Fueds--navigating workplace conflict 
  • Everyone has a story--why aren't you writing yours?
  • You Want More out of Life?  Ask Bigger Questions  keynote speaker

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